Good vs Evil

June 4, 2011

Little devil sitting on my left shoulder:  “Why are you putting on those stupid sneakers again?”
Little angel sitting on my right shoulder:  “Because she has a very important goal to achieve!”
Devil: “Cardiac Arrest is a goal?”
Angel: “She’s getting better, down to a 15 minute mile now!”
Devil: “Wow! Turtle Magee is making some headway!”
Angel: “Yes she is! Today she is going for her first run outside!”
Devil: “I’ll alert Essex Police…no, this person isn’t being chased…she WANTS to do this!”
Angel: “Yup, and her goal is to do 1 ½ miles…”
Devil: “1 ½ in a row? And how is she getting back?  Rescue doesn’t provide Taxi service…”
Angel: “She’ll make it back, and I will bet you it will be with an even better time too!”
Devil: “Stop!  My laughing is starting to hurt my stomach!”
Angel:  “You won’t be laughing when you see her next year at the start line wearing her VCM Bib number!”
Devil: “Yeah, but I might be at the finish line…”
Angel: (Shoves the Devil off my shoulder) “You Go Girl!!”

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