Yes, I’m a Slacker…

I know…it’s been over a month since I last posted.  Thank you to the few of you who cared enough to write and say “Where the Hell have you been Slacker!?!”  I guess time flies when you’re having fun…well, if you can call having a bout with Shingles fun.  Yes, I had Shingles…in my ear!!  I always have to do everything in the most interesting way possible.  I’m thru with the worst of it…the ear ache from hell, the itching in my inner ear which almost caused me to Van Gogh myself…and so now I feel almost normal.  Which for me is definitely a relative term.
I haven’t run since early August, but I have been walking my 3.1 mile route regularly to try and keep myself in some type of shape.  This morning while walking on a perfect brisk, sunny, September in Vermont morning,  I passed two people, at two different times, both wearing VT City Marathon shirts.  I figured this was the universe’s way of reminding me I had a goal to get back to…So I am signing up for another race!  Saturday, October 29th, I will be running in the 4th Annual Halloween Hustle in Essex Jct.  And I get to dress up in a costume!  Hey, if I can’t win, at least I can get the best costume prize? Another 5k….and Juniper Ridge Barbie has already laid down the warning….I’d better run the whole thing this time.  So back to training I go…no shingles, no slacking, no excuses!!