About Me

I was born on a Tuesday, November 4th, 1969…Mom’s labor was induced so that the Obstetrician could go on his hunting trip.  And ever since then, I don’t like being told what to do!  I’m the middle child of four…how is that possible?  My sister Monique is the oldest, my sister Renee is the youngest, and my brother Brian is the only boy…that makes me the middle kid…no special designation, just in the middle.  So I decided to be the biggest brat J
Most of my adolescence was spent in Underhill (there was a brief stint in a trailer park in Bolton, but I don’t like to talk about this period…) We lived in the middle of the nowhere…Daniel Boone hadn’t been out in the wilderness that far.  Nothing to do but ride our bikes up and down the mountain and watch TV streamed in by a satellite dish the size of a VW Beetle.  I learned to drive behind the wheel of a 1977 Dodge Royal Monaco which we called the “Q E 2”…during mud season…. “Pick a rut and floor it!!”  That’s what you call Boggin’ dontcha know…
Went to two years of high school at Mount Mansfield…but having your Dad be a teacher at the high school you attend has its pro’s and con’s…loved having a ride to school every day and someone  to hit up for lunch money, but the boys were a little less inclined to date a teacher’s daughter…I overheard two guys talking about me in the library once…”Yeah she’s cute…but try anything with her and Mr. Citro is going to kick your ass!!”  So I transferred to Rice High School my Junior year, where being an under achiever was not accepted the way it had been at MMU.  I don’t think the RHS administration appreciated how my grade point average was messing with their expected results…ah well, I made the Sisters pray a little harder…and I got my diploma, now I could check the box “High School Graduate”. 
I could not decide where I wanted to go to college or for what, so I went to work for my Mom in her insurance agency instead…24 years later, I’m still there and partly own the place.  So, when asked where I went to college…I say “I didn’t need to go, got all my learning done in the first 12 years…how long did it take you??”  Much prefer my debt being for gazillion pairs of shoes and cool vacations instead of tuition!
Now my time is spent managing my business, playing golf, and being a diehard Red Sox fan…oh, and I’m a Republican…who lives in Vermont…so this training for a marathon thing?  I’m used to uphill battles!

What I look like now…