Mission: Fail


Here it is the day before the 2012 Vermont City Marathon…and I’m not running. 

Probably could have guessed it since my last post was Sept, 2011 that things were not going as planned.  I can try to blame it on bad knees, pulled calf muscles or the fact that I have the lung capacity of a toddler…but I just did not attain my goal because I did not try hard enough.  Our bodies can do whatever we want them to…if our minds believe it.  I let distraction and excuses get in the way of letting me believing it and achieving it.

Looking at this picture…all my excuses are invalid!

So thanks for reading my previous posts, I definitely enjoyed the writing of the blog much more than the training!  Congratulations and Good Luck to all the runners tomorrow…I will be cheering you from the sidelines once again.  Will I ever run the VCM…I hope so!  I so admire everyone who is and I want to someday count myself amongst those achievers.   Until then...Don't stop Believing! J